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We have easy access to a full range of materials from Delrin to 4140 forgings to Stainless Steel. Our on-hand inventory is usually about 30,000 lbs. Multiple material suppliers service Woodstock on a daily basis, so the special material you need is close at hand.

We work with nearly any material - steel, aluminum, cast iron, bronze, brass or plastic. Machining, fabricating and finishing to suit.



There are 100’s of secondary suppliers within 40 miles that we have partnered with to fit all your machining and fabricating requirements. Grinding, plating, anodizing, heat treatment and gun drilling to name a few.

Some of our machine work has even ended up in very prestigious locations such as the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. These turnstiles are 4 inch diameter stainless steel, split down the middle to sandwich a 1 inch thick plate of glass.

SAIC Modern Wing Turnstiles 6-10 002.jpg