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What We Do

Every customer has unique needs, problems they need solved. At BTM, we are part of your team, providing solutions for your most challenging problems. BTM  General Capabilities indicated below are only the beginning — our solutions are not confined to these metrics. We excel at doing the jobs that other people say can’t be done. Let us solve your demanding project.

Expect the unexpected.

BTM General Capabilities

This is where we start, but not where we end — reach out with your most challenging projects!

CNC Mill/Turn CNC Turning Large CNC Turning CNC Milling Manual Milling
  • up to 1000 pcs
  • tolerance +/-.001”
  • up to 13.75” dia
  • up to 32.5” long
  • up to 1000 pcs
  • tolerance +/-.001”
  • up to 10” dia
  • up to 18” long
  • low quantity
  • tolerance +/-.001”
  • up to 30” dia
  • up to 120” long
  • small to mid size pcs up to 1000pcs
  • tolerance +/-.001”
  • work envelope of 52” x 30”
  • low quantity
  • tolerance +/-.001”
  • work envelope of 60” x 120”
Materials: aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, bronze, brass, stainless, plastic, castings, weldments

Here are a few of our recent, unexpected solutions:

C hallenge: Our customer needed a “lathe large enough to turn a 42” inside diameter.”

S olution: Although we don’t have a lathe that can turn a diameter that large, we utilized the equipment we do have to manufacture a custom tool holder and completed the job in less than 2 weeks. Our customer was delighted -- they had been looking for a solution elsewhere for months.

C hallenge: Our customer needed a deep internal spline in a blind hole condition, something we did not have the tooling to provide.

S olution: After a thorough search of existing tooling available for purchase, we developed our own custom tooling and manufactured a custom fixture to complete the job. Our customer appreciated our ability to handle the job, and for a cost less than they had paid in the past.

C hallenge: Our customer had a 3D virtual model of a part they needed to cast out of rubber – their concept was finished, but not much else. An added twist? They needed an entire mold assembly within 3 weeks!

S olution: Traditional mold shops usually need at least an 8 week lead time to create molds that can be used to cast parts. We worked closely with the customer’s engineering team to create usable schematics we could utilize for machining. Within 14 days, we created the full assembly – on time and on budget!

C hallenge: Our customer wanted to attach ornate architectural elements to doors they were installing on job sites. These elements were very costly (cast out of bronze) so having extra pieces “just in case” was not an option.

S olution: We reviewed several options with their engineering staff to determine the most cost effective way to machine these parts for easy attachment. Ultimately, we created custom fixtures to hold the castings in our machines so that we could add blind holes to the back side for them (they had a very irregular shape so holding them while machining was quite challenging). Then we collaborated with their installers to create a mock door that we could use to test fit each individual architectural element prior to shipment.

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Now you know WHAT WE DO, are you interested in knowing more about HOW WE DO IT?